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Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanse form of Energy Healing. During a session, the client will be fully clothed on a massage table. Depending on the clients level of comfort, Reiki can be conducted with hands on or off. During the session, there will be healing frequencies playing as well as aromatherapy. Crystals may be utilized depending upon the client.


Each session opens with 15 minutes of Q&A and tarot to highlight areas requiring attention, followed by 15-30 minutes of energy work. The session is closed with any messages that came through during the session and follow-up/after care information.


Initial Reiki sessions are only available in packages of 3 sessions in order to give you a thorough, whole healing experience. 

Promotes Harmony & Balance
Compliments Other Treatments
Helps Relieve Physical Pain

Private Sessions

Book a one-on-one session with Julie Taylor or Cassie Robertson.

Classes &

Receive a Certification to practice Reiki and Tarot.

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